Here is a general FAQ on our membership structure.

Liberty encourages organizations and individuals across geographies and vertical sectors to participate in its conversations and activities. Our structure makes it easy for all individuals and organizations to access the resources of the Alliance and to participate in developing the next generation of secure, privacy-respecting and interoperable identity standards based on Liberty’s proven model of addressing the personal, business and technology aspects of digital identity management. A full list of member benefits is available at

Liberty’s structure is based on four core Expert Groups and many Special Interest Groups. The Expert Groups focus on Technology (TEG), Public Policy (PPEG), Identity Assurance Expert Group (IAEG) and Business and Marketing (BMEG). TEG and IAEG are open today. Joining Expert Group mail lists will allow individuals and organizations to monitor and understand processes while providing insight into what’s coming next from Liberty Alliance. Information about how to subscribe to mail lists is available at

These are groups that members of Liberty Alliance form to collaboratively address and solve global, regional and vertical-specific digital identity management issues. Global SIGs include the eGovernment, Health Identity Management, HR Education, Identity Assurance, Identity Theft Prevention, Strong Authentication, Telecommunications, Volunteered Personal Information, and Web Services Harmonization groups. There are regional SIGs in Japan and Norway, as well as a French-speaking SIG that spans the globe. The wikis that support each of these SIGs, with info on activities, call schedules, work products, etc. are at

The Liberty Alliance Management Board has worked with all SIG chairs and members to best determine what SIGs are public. SIG chairs and members decide on the best course of action for opening individual SIGs. Most Liberty Alliance SIGs are open to the public. A list of SIGs that are open to the public is available at

Joining a SIG allows developers, individuals and organizations of all sizes and in every market sector to both monitor and fully participate in SIG activities. This often includes e-mail list discussions and scheduled calls, the development and sharing of best practices and resources and participating in a variety of events designed to meet key objectives of the group. SIG members work to identity and solve key identity management issues by collaboratively addressing a variety of technology, business and policy issues related to the group’s founding charter.

Liberty Alliance currently has nearly 150 members consisting of technology vendors, consumer service providers and educational and government organizations working together to build a more trusted Internet by addressing the personal, business and technology aspects of digital identity management. The Management Board is made up of representatives from AOL, BT, CA, Fidelity Investments, France Telecom, Intel, ISOC, Novell, NTT, Oracle, and Sun Microsystems. A complete list of Liberty members is available at

The Liberty Alliance Management Board is responsible for the overall governance, budgeting and direction of the organization. The Management Board sets strategy and overall direction for the Alliance, determines key liaisons, and the timing of various activities within the organization. Liberty’s Management Board has the final voting authority for all specifications.

Liberty’s new cost structure has been designed to lower the barriers to individual and organizational participation across all membership levels. There is no charge for the public to participate in SIGs and mail lists. Costs for organizations to join are based on the number of employees within the organization. Cost structures are outlined on the member benefits section of Liberty’s Web site at