Digital Identity Management A Critical Link to Service Success: A Public Network Perspective

This research, conducted by the Telecompetition Group, looks at the opportunity and challenges facing all public network operators – companies, whether they have fixed, wireless or mixed infrastructure. Such large, capital-intensive companies have survived many societal transformations and in many ways, they have thrived. The roadmap is not quite as clear as we look forward at the next transformation-- to a world where many different players are able to delivery compelling content and services often without the burden of large investments in infrastructure. The operator becomes the pipe while others enjoy the openness and other benefits of IP-based technologies. The study analyzes identity management and its crucial role in enabling personalized services. Identity management is viewed as a crucial element in a basket of technology enablers that will be instrumental in preventing network operators from experiencing a dreaded “bit pipe” fate. Wireless operators are also at risk, right along with their fixed line counterparts. The analysis focuses on a high level global view through 2015, providing quantitative and qualitative analysis.