Now More Than One Billion Liberty-enabled Devices and Identities

The traction is real and the returns are substantial for organizations across the globe deploying Liberty-based solutions. This section provides the detail you need to understand Liberty's influence across verticals, within organizations, through other standards activities, and what you need to know to achieve success and returns for your deployment.

Who's Using Liberty?

In an ongoing research effort, we are tracking adoption of Liberty Federation and Liberty Web Services specifications. Please note that many implementers and deployers consider their work to be a strong competitive differentiator, so have requested varying degrees of anonymity – as such, some of these are listed in generic form in italics and many are not listed at all. The information provided is intended to be a sampling of the large amount of work underway globally. We welcome you to share information on your implementation or deployment with us. For easier viewing, we have divided the deployments by industry segment.